Finishing materials & rug backing

Finishing materials & rug backing

The back of your tufted rug

A good rug underlay  or rug finish offers many advantages besides glue.

  • Leveling the substrate
  • Extra cold and heat insulation
  • Improve sound, noise reduction, damping
  • It extends the life of the top of the tufted rug, your artwork
  • And gives you an extra feeling of comfort

Underlay types / tufted rug finish

  • Foam - Only suitable for low loads. Place on felt paper.
  • Filled Paper - Can be used under foam or foam backed rugs to eliminate sticking to your floor.
  • Rubber - With jute or paper backing, this is one of the best underlayments for carpet and stair runners.
  • Other Underlay Rugs - These include abrasion resistant jute, waterproof PVC, latex and felt replacement materials.
  • Felt - Formerly common, now often replaced by rubber or jute backing.