Nailed Carpet Grippers For Tufting Frames, sold per 1.50 meter

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These nailed carpet grippers or carpet tack strips can be nailed onto your tufting frame and are an ideal tool to stretch your cloth. It allows you to re-stretch the cloth during the tufting process so you always have a tightly stretched working area for consistent tufting. 

The wooden strips contain tiny nails every few centimeters that punch through your cloth, keeping it in place without tearing it. To work nicely you have to make sure you have high quality and easy to stretch cloth that will work smoothly with our carpet grippers. The grippers are traditionally used to keep carpets in place but are no longer widely used in the industry and therefore it becomes rare to be found in regular shops. 

You will receive this rare product in a total of 1.50 meters per ordered unit, sometimes the grippers are cut into smaller pieces for delivery purposes. This does not interfere with their functioning, you can just nail them next to eachother on your frame!