A Guide to yarn

What yarn should I use for tufting?

This depends on what you are making. Although most yarns “work” they will definitely give different effects. In many cases you will find a mix of different materials. The following table describes the qualities of different materials.




Acrylic yarn


Cheap, synthetic and soft. Great for wall pieces.

Does not hold its structure and therefore not great for durable floor pieces.

Cotton yarn

Moderately soft, has a medium hold. Although more expensive then acrylic, is easy to find in many colors, at a good price

Not “indestructible”, fibers are soft and can collapse.

Wool yarn

Holds shape really well and has a natural dirt-resistance.

Most expensive option


In general go for a material that is not too soft because it will not hold shape.

How thick should my yarn be?

You can make the yarn as thick as you want as long as it fits through the needle of your tufting gun. A well-loaded gun (not to thin) will help you get more consistent results. Stuff the needle with as many strands as will fit.

You can find yarns here.