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The AK DUO High pile is a machine similar to the AK DUO in specifications, but components that are enlarged to enable it to make high piles. 

Manual tufting gun

The machine comes with an AC/DC adapter, capable of handling up to 240 volts AC. This adapter efficiently transforms AC power to the 30 volts DC required for the tufting gun operation. Its plug is EU standard, but it's compatible with any plug or travel adapter. Here are its specifications:

  • Universal Voltage: 100 - 240 V , 50 - 60 Hz 

How to change from cut to loop

The machine  is set to loop by disbeling the scissors. If the scissors stays open, it does not cut, creating a loop effect. Please see the manual for the full instruction. Manual

Performing a Running Check

After making any adjustments, make sure to perform a running check to ensure smooth operation of the machine. 

Always perform a running check after any modifications to the pile height or scissors. If the scissors and needle distance is too large in a uniform height, decrease it by placing a piece of paper under the scissors or manually bending the scissors slightly.

Maintaining Your Machine

Proper maintenance ensures your machine's longevity and optimal performance. Here are some tips:

  1. Add a drop of color and odorless lubricating oil to each linear bearing weekly. For longer tufting sessions, oil more frequently.
  2. Monthly, add oil to the scissor joint and other moving metal parts.
  3. Regularly clean loose yarn strands and dust from moving parts using a brush or compressed air.
  4. Always store the machine upright, not resting on the side with the main power switch.

If you face any issues, email or visit our tufting wiki for common problem solutions.


Safety & Quality

Our tufting guns are 100% safety and quality certified.

2 year warranty

We offer a 2 year warranty on our tufting guns*

Knowledgeable Staff

Our Knowledgeable Staff is happy to support you in your tufting adventures.