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The Art of Tufting: A Conversation with Chehrazad

Welcome to the TuftingShop blog!

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing one of our ambassadors, Chehrazad (IG: @kostasrugs), a talented artist from Brussels, Belgium. With a background in advertising and a deep passion for creating beautiful things, Chehrazad's journey into the world of tufting has been an exciting and fulfilling one. Inspired by Mediterranean culture and art, she aims to craft playful and vibrant pieces that can be admired on walls or used as cozy floor coverings. Join us as we delve into Chehrazad's tufting journey and explore her artistic process.

Chehrazad's Tufting Journey: From Love at First Sight to Continuous Growth

Two years ago, Chehrazad stumbled upon the captivating technique of tufting and instantly fell in love with the entire process. The satisfaction she derived from watching tufting videos was matched by the joy she experienced in creating these extra fluffy pieces of art herself. The inspiration to pursue tufting as a hobby stemmed from her genuine love for the creative process and the delight she witnessed in the faces of those who purchased her rugs.

A Growing Business and a Journey of Enjoyment

As a small business, Kostas Rugs represents the beginning of Chehrazad's tufting journey. With each rug she creates, she sees herself improving and embracing every step of the process. Enjoyment and personal growth are at the forefront of her artistic journey, with each new creation fueling her passion and dedication.

Favorite Materials, Creative Process, and Tips for Beginners in tufting

Chehrazad's favorite materials and tools for tufting include 100% New Zealand wool yarn, as it adds authenticity and charm to her pieces. Her creative process varies, ranging from deliberate design planning to spontaneous improvisation, often accompanied by music that fuels her artistic spirit. To beginners in tufting, Chehrazad offers the timeless advice of "practice makes perfect." Learning through experimentation, seeking tutorials, and trying new techniques have been instrumental in her own development as a tufter.

Pride in Every Completed Rug and Exciting Future Endeavors

Every finished rug brings a sense of pride to Chehrazad, and she admits that it's tempting to keep them all for herself. Among her favorites is a rug adorned with big black and white flowers, resembling a painting that can be proudly displayed on a wall. Furthermore, Chehrazad's creativity extends beyond rugs, as she plans to venture into making cushions and beanbags inspired by the Moroccan aesthetic—a hint of the exciting projects on the horizon.

Chehrazad's tufting journey with Kostas Rugs embodies the spirit of artistic passion and dedication. Her playful and vibrant pieces, inspired by Mediterranean culture, bring joy and beauty to any space. Through continuous growth, experimentation, and a commitment to self-learning, Chehrazad has honed her craft and created a brand that aims to make people happy through her unique creations. Stay tuned for her upcoming projects and witness the growth of her starting brand. Join the tufting community and experience the beauty and creativity woven into every tufted masterpiece by one of our ambassadors, Chehrazad.

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