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Exploring the Fusion of Graphic Design and Tufting with Daniela Doe

Exploring the Fusion of Graphic Design and Tufting with Daniela Doe

Welcome back to the TuftingShop Ambassadors blog! Today, we're diving into the creative journey of Daniela Doe, a Portuguese-French Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer. From Portugal to Sweden, Daniela's story unfolds as she blends graphic design with handcrafted textiles, shaping mesmerizing wall tapestries, sculptures, and wearables.

Daniela Doe

A Creative Blend: Daniela's Background

Daniela holds a BA in Fashion Design and a MA in Communication Design, shaping her artistic path from the Architecture University of Lisbon to the Fine Arts University of Lisbon. With a focus on exploring the tactile aspects of graphic design, she translates her work into tufting, embroidery, and textile printing.

From Pixels to Yarns: Daniela's Journey

During a 10-month residency in Malmö, Daniela's journey into tufting began. Starting with punch needle and later adopting tufting guns, she found herself captivated by the process. As days turned into years, tufting evolved from a hobby to a vital part of her art. Her journey now includes hosting tufting workshops in both Malmö and Copenhagen.

Rug by tuftingshop ambassador Daniela Doe

Crafting Vision: Tufting's Appeal

For Daniela, tufting offers a tangible canvas for her digital designs. Her preferred tools include the AK-II Loop-Pile gun for precision and the KRD-I Cut&Loop-Pile gun for larger pieces. Sustainability plays a role as she embraces second-hand yarns, turning them into unique rugs that tell their own stories.

From Vision to Reality: Daniela's Process

Daniela's creative process begins with sketches and symmetry. Colors are assigned letters before tufting begins, where tufting guns and punch needles bring her designs to life. Protection is added using Naturlatex and jute. Her designs are not just visual but also tactile expressions of her creativity.

Toward the Horizon: Daniela's Aspirations

Daniela's path forward is paved with exploration. Large flower sculptures beckon, pushing the boundaries of tufting techniques. Beyond her individual journey, she aspires to expand her workshops, connecting with like-minded learners and creators. To witness Daniela's journey firsthand, follow her on Instagram @danieladoe or visit her website

Parting Words: A Blend of Creativity and Craft

Daniela Doe's fusion of graphic design and tufting reminds us that art has infinite forms. Through her work, she creates a bridge between the digital and the tactile, forming a new language of expression. Stay connected to the TuftingShop Ambassadors blog for more inspiring stories like Daniela's. Thank you, Daniela, for sharing your unique journey with us. We eagerly anticipate the new horizons your art will explore!

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