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Building a tufting frame

Makeing your own tufting frame does not have to be difficult. Also it is cost efficient, especially when you wish to size up your work. 

You will need:

  • a drill
  • a hammer
  • maybe a saw when the shop does not precut your wood. 

For materials you will need 

  • 5 pieces of lumber, size depends on well.. the size of your frame. 
  • or use a wooden trestle with clamps
  • Approximately enough carpet grippers 
  • 4,5 cm long screws for frame construction
  • 3 cm long screws for leg braces
  • Wood glue and nails, or staple gun 


Take into account that you need about 5-10 cm of spare fabric on each side of your frame to allow you to stretch the fabric. Most default size fabric go per 1 meter x 4 meter, take this into account when determining the size of a frame and preventing waiste fabric. 


Find our suggestions on building a simple frame in the videos below:


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