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Tips and tricks for beginner rug tufters

Before anything else, we have to understand what rug tufting really is first. So basically, rug tufting is a unique art where one passes a thread through a primary base material, which in this case is a rug. You can make anything you want, which means that you will be only limited to your imagination.

It is also worth noting that tufting can also be used on pillows, clothing, and on art pieces.

Now that you have a basic understanding what rug tufting, how are you supposed to go about it as a beginner? Here are some helpful tips;

Get a good tufting gun – finding the right tufting gun is crucial as it plays a significant role in determining how successful you become, as a tufter, especially now there are cheap knock-off tufting guns out there in the market. So, ensure that you do your research well and that you invest in the best machine. 

Get a practice cloth – as a beginner, of course, you are learning, and you’ve probably never done this before, so, you can’t start tufting immediately – you will need to take some time and learn how to do it properly.Tufting cloth is resillient and easiest to work with. It will save you tons of frustration. If you are well practiced, you might consider trying other cloths as well. But tufting coth is well the best cloth for tufting. 

Get tufting yarn – there are many different types of yarn, from acrylic to cotton, wool, or bamboo. One crucial thing about the yarn you choose regards its positioning when in use. You see, there are types of yarns that come with a cone in the middle that enables it to be directly put in the yarn feeder, and there are those that don’t have cones. If you choose the latter, ensure that you place it in an upright position, either on the floor, against the wall, or even in a box, to allow it to flow smoothly through the needle head and to also avoid yarn breaks and slippage. 

Consider using multiple strands of strings – one thing about tufting is that you want to cover as much space as possible in a small amount of time. Now, one way to do this is to use two or three strands of strings when tufting. This way, you will not only cover enough space, but the end result is thicker and looks great. Remember, you can either use bundles of yarn with the same color or that with different colors – it all depends on the end result you are after.    

Come up with templates – let’s say you are looking to create multiple rugs, and you would want all of them to match, especially in terms of size, it is recommended that you come up with templates made of cupboards that would help in measurements. This means that you won’t have to keep measuring every time you want to tuft a similar rug. 

These are just some of the basic tips and tricks to ensure that you have an amazing rug tufting experience. And as you can see, they are pretty easy to do, right? Anyway, the best luck in your tufting!

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