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Exploring the Art of Tufting with Christina from BOM MATTA


Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Christina, the talented artist behind BOM MATTA (Instagram @bom_matta). The name BOM MATTA comprises the Portuguese word "bom" meaning good or nice and the Swedish word for rug, "matta". With a background in biology and a passion for natural cosmetics, Christina's love for tufting has led her to create stunning rugs that are not only beautiful but also of the highest quality. Let's dive into her tufting journey and discover the inspiration behind her captivating creations.

The start of Christina’s tufting journey

Christina shares that her introduction to tufting came through the remarkable works of Studio Mirte, Atelier Paolo, and Johanna Landin Studio. The moment she encountered their artistry, she knew she wanted to dive into tufting herself. Eager to explore new artistic endeavors, she wasted no time in ordering a tufting gun and wool from TuftingShop. Her supportive boyfriend even crafted a frame for her, ensuring she had everything needed to embark on her tufting adventure.

The favorite materials and tools for tufting

A strong advocate for naturalness and high quality, Christina exclusively works with 100% New Zealand wool for all her BOM MATTA’s. For her tufting endeavors, she relies on the AK DUO tufting gun. As a beginner, Christina chose this gun to explore both cut and loop pile tufting, unsure of which she would prefer.

Christina’s creative process when designing and planning tufting projects

Drawing inspiration from various sources, such as captivating themes like dinosaurs, appealing color combinations (with blue being a recurring favorite), and intriguing patterns like stripes, Christina captures these inspirations on her phone. When the time comes to design a new rug, she looks back at these images for guidance. Starting with sketches either on paper or directly in Illustrator, Christina projects the design onto the primary backing and traces the lines. To choose the perfect colors, she relies on small tufted patches that she holds together, enabling her to assess and fine-tune her color combinations.

The best tips for tufting!

As someone who has learned valuable lessons from fellow tufters, Christina is excited to share her own insights with beginners:

  • Really (!) stretch the primary backing on the frame.
  • Play with the speed of the machine and the speed you move the gun forward. For me, loop and cut pile need different speeds.
  • If you pull out the ends of a cut pile line and you accidentally pull out more than just the ends, try a higher speed.
  • Mirror your image before you throw it on the screen with the projector. Especially if you use fonts.
  • Shave the color before you change to another color, pile height, or loop cut to have crisp edges in-between.
  • Do not apply glue beyond the wool surface, this makes messy edges.

The project that is called the ‘Water Cycle’

Christina proudly showcases the "Water Cycle" rug as her most cherished BOM MATTA. This design holds a special place in her heart as it was her first fully realized creation. Beyond its personal significance, the rug's theme conveys a vital message about water conservation and the importance of mindful water usage.

Challenges when learning to work with the AK DUO

Navigating the world of the AK DUO tufting gun posed some challenges for Christina. Adjusting the gun for different pile types and heights proved to be a learning experience, as the manual provided only limited guidance. Additionally, the scarcity of YouTube tutorials specific to the AK DUO required Christina to rely on her own trial and error. She hopes to contribute to the tufting community by creating comprehensive tutorials or videos on AK DUO adjustments in the future.

Christina’s exciting plans for the future

Christina has an array of exciting plans for her tufting journey. She aims to explore the AK 3 tufting gun, which allows for higher pile heights. Sharing her knowledge and experiences through YouTube videos and creating detailed manuals for the AK DUO are also on her to-do list. She aspires to create larger rugs, expand her repertoire with techniques like color gradients, and venture into tufting with recycled yarn. Collaboration with fellow artists is another avenue she eagerly anticipates exploring. As summer arrives, Christina's creative focus shifts to patterns. Enamored with stripes and grids, she envisions vibrant blue and white combinations to evoke the essence of the season. Stay tuned for the unveiling of her upcoming creations!

Christina's journey into tufting showcases her unwavering dedication and passion for this captivating art form. From her love for natural materials to her meticulous approach in design and execution, she has truly carved her own unique path in the world of tufting. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @bom_matta for more inspiration and updates on her artistic endeavors.

Thank you, Christina, for sharing your tufting story with us. We can't wait to see what marvelous creations await us in the future!

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