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CustomKleed: Elevating Tufting to Personalized Art

CustomKleed: Elevating Tufting to Personalized Art


Welcome to another interview on the TuftingShop Ambassadors blog! Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Frank and Anne Spaans, the talented duo behind CustomKleed. Join us as we delve into their tufting journey, their creative process, and their aspirations for the future.

Discovering the Passion: A YouTube Video Ignites the Spark

Frank and Anne's tufting adventure began when they stumbled upon a YouTube video. Instantly intrigued, they were drawn to the artistry and creativity involved in tufting. Fascinated by the possibilities, they wasted no time and ordered their first tufting gun from TuftingShop. Little did they know, this would mark the start of a remarkable journey.


From Hobby to Business: Crafting Personalized Rugs

What began as a hobby quickly grew into something more significant. Frank and Anne's family and friends were captivated by their tufted creations, prompting them to offer their services to a wider audience. As word spread about their meticulously crafted rugs, CustomKleed started to gain recognition and demand. 


Mastery and Quality: Tools of the Trade

CustomKleed's commitment to excellence is evident in their choice of tools and materials. They primarily rely on the AK-1 tufting gun, which enables them to create intricate designs with precision. Additionally, they value the quality of the tufting cloth available at TuftingShop, as it perfectly complements their meticulous approach. Their dedication to craftsmanship ensures that each rug they create is a work of art.


Lessons Learned and Shared: Tips for Aspiring Tufters

Through their journey, Frank and Anne have gathered valuable insights and experiences. They emphasize the importance of practice and patience for aspiring tufters, urging them to focus on mastering control before increasing speed. As part of the tufting community, they are passionate about sharing their knowledge and supporting fellow tufters in their creative pursuits.


Collaborations and Recognition: A Testament to Professionalism

CustomKleed's professionalism and expertise in tufting have not gone unnoticed. They have been approached by several Dutch clothing brands for collaborations, a testament to the high standards and artistry of their work. These collaborations serve as a reflection of their dedication to their craft and their ability to transform ideas into stunning reality.


Unveiling the Future: Expansion and Inspiration

Looking ahead, Frank and Anne have exciting plans for CustomKleed. They envision expanding their business, collaborating with larger brands, and becoming a source of inspiration for aspiring tufters. They are passionate about pushing boundaries, experimenting with new techniques, and continuously honing their skills. CustomKleed's journey is far from over, and their creative spirit shows no signs of slowing down.

Make sure to follow CustomKleed on Instagram @customkleed and visit their website to witness the beauty and artistry of their personalized rugs. Stay tuned for their upcoming creations as they continue to elevate tufting to new heights, one rug at a time.


Thank you, Frank and Anne, for sharing your inspiring tufting story with us. We are excited to see what the future holds for CustomKleed!

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