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Understanding the scissors of your tufting gun

A deeper dive in the working of your cut pile tufting gun! For this blogpost I took an authentic manual tufting machine to explain to you how the scissors of your tufting gun work. Although this machine is not electric, it has the same mechanism as most electric tufting guns and therefore helps you understand how it works.

At first. this is what a manual tufting machine looks like. It has two handles, one to keep the gun in place and the other one to push the scissors and needle through the cloth. 

It has a needle that is also half a tube that hold the scissor in place so that the scissor moves in line with the needle, back and forward. The scissor inside is move back and forward when moving the handle, this movement is automated in your electric tufting machine.

manual tufting gunManual tufting gun

On the sides of the tufting machine there is at the top a metal plate. If you look closesly when you move the handle back, you see that as  the metal hook on the scissors passes by the metal plate it closes the scissors. 

Tufting gun scissors

The distance from the foot to where the scissor closes is the pile height:

tufting gun scissors

On the other side, and here you have to look very closely, there will be a metal block that where the hook of the tufting scissors touches, it makes sure it will open again. 

Cut pile tufting machine

It often happens that after the changing the pileheight the scissors does not open or close anymore, it its therefore important to closely observe how your scissor moves and see if and where it touches these parts. 


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