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Embracing Tufting: with ambassador Camelia Barika

Embracing Tufting: with ambassador Camelia Barika 

Welcome to this interview on the TuftingShop Ambassadors blog! Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Camelia, a talented tufter who discovered her love for this textile art form during the COVID-19 crisis. Join us as we dive into Camelia's tufting journey, her favorite projects, and her aspirations for the future.

A Journey Ignited: From Instagram Videos to Obsession

Camelia's fascination with tufting began when she stumbled upon videos on Instagram. Intrigued by the creative possibilities, she quickly became obsessed with this new form of textile art. Despite having to complete her masters and find a job in the design and luxury industry, Camelia couldn't shake off her passion for tufting. Determined to find a way to work for herself and pursue what she loved, she took a leap of faith and bet on tufting.


From Acrylic to Natural Materials: A Quest for Quality

While Camelia initially gravitated towards working with acrylic yarn, she has a strong desire to transition to more natural materials like cotton. This shift will not only enhance the quality of her creations but also align with her commitment to providing the best for her customers. Camelia's dedication to continuous improvement is evident in her willingness to explore new materials and techniques.


The Power of Commissions: Specializing in Album Covers

In building her tufting business, Camelia has focused on a commission system, with a particular specialization in album covers. This unique approach has garnered attention and recognition among the young French generation. Camelia acknowledges that without their support, she wouldn't be where she is today. By immersing herself in the customers' ideas and blending them with her artistic vision, she creates stunning and personalized pieces of art. 

Unleashing Artistic Versatility: A Chameleon of Tufting

Camelia takes pride in her versatility as a tufter. She doesn't limit herself to a specific style or niche. Instead, she embraces the chameleon-like ability to adapt to her customers' desires and the desired aesthetic of the final piece. Whether it's recreating pictures, anime frames, or experimenting with painting effects, Camelia's artistic range knows no bounds. This flexibility allows her to bring her customers' visions to life in unique and captivating ways.


The Power of Community: Tips, Experiences, and Progression

Camelia encourages anyone interested in tufting to connect with the community. Sharing tips, exchanging experiences, and discussing techniques can make a significant difference in one's journey. Camelia emphasizes the importance of practicing with purpose, setting goals, and tracking progress. These intentional efforts are the keys to continuous growth and improvement.


Sneak Peek: Exciting Projects on the Horizon

Camelia has some exciting projects in the works that will require days of dedicated work. While she can't reveal all the details just yet, she promises that each project will be truly one-of-a-kind. Camelia's passion for pushing boundaries and creating unique tufted art is evident, and she can't wait to share her upcoming creations with the world.

Camelia Barika Tufting gun


Stay tuned for more updates from Camelia and her extraordinary tufting journey. Follow her on Instagram @rascal_rugz for a glimpse into her artistic process and to witness the unveiling of her awe-inspiring projects. Thank you, Camelia, for sharing your tufting story with us. We eagerly await the magic that you'll bring to the world of tufting!

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