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What makes a good tufting cloth

Overtime I have tried various types of fabric for tufting. Why is it that only certain types of tufting cloth work for a tufting gun?

Take into account:

  • You need an even weave, which means that the cloth is made out of tiny square holes, perfectly lined up. No rectangles or different sizes of squares.
  • The thread should be woven thus able to slide a bit to make place for the yarn when it gets pushed through.
  • A tufting gun has quite a large needle thus the holes need to be big enough to fit through.
  • You need a certain level of elasticity. When the yarn is pushed through this also makes that it stays better in place because it has the charactaristic to get back into its original place/position. Thus the yarn gets stuck in position. Jute for example lacks this characteristic.
  • It may not be to stretchy because then you are unable to apply a consistent pressure to your cloth.
  • The cloth must be firm and not tear easily. Your are going to apply quite some pressure. And it is the worst if you are far along in your work and then your cloth tears. 
  • Guidelines. Not necessary but super usefull. When you are stretching your cloth you want your guidelines to remain straight. That way your stretched cloth is evenly stretched and when you take it of  the cloth does not take up on a different shape then intended. It keeps your design intact.

The perfecttufting cloth  is not always easy to find nor cheap, but I hope this blogpost saves you a hassle that I had 🙂




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