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Colors for your rugs

Rugs add color to your interior

Although furniture stores show all kinds of cheerfully colored seating furniture, in practice most sofas and armchairs are bought in black.

Then the floor almost begs for an exciting color to give an interior the necessary swung. And rugs have the widest color spectrum of all types of floor covering. Sky blue, purple, Ferrari red, corn yellow or apple green? Nothing is too much for a tufted rug!

Rug manufacturers follow home fashion closely - literally - and release new colors very regularly.  The newest trend colors aqua, fuchsia and lime are very spectacular. Fresh colors that turn out to be a fantastic combination. Cool, but certainly not chilly.

With the necessary creativity and courage, with these colors you lay the foundation for a fantastically lively and cheerful interior.

There is also a lot of choice every season varying from a slightly "heavier" translation in darker blues, purples to neon yellows. In the end it is a matter of daring ... and just doing it!

Gray is hip
A second important color group for this season are the grays. Choose from literally dozens of shades of gray: from mouse gray to silver gray, from anthracite to the new greige.

Play with swatches and see how easily and harmoniously all those different shades of gray combine with each other. And of course with that black sofa. Then place cushions in bright orange, lime, tomato red or pink and you create an interior that is trendy and timeless at the same time.

Color knowledge

Colors are also all about atmosphere. One likes chic and stylish. Another of warmth and cosiness. And yet another dares to color and goes for playful and exuberant. Then it is good to know that the atmosphere in the house is largely determined by the chosen colors. Which in part also influence our moods and feelings. The larger the areas of color, the greater the effect. Warm, cozy colors are for example red, orange and yellow. Brown is also warm, but more subdued. Colors such as violet, blue and turquoise are colors with a cool, but at the same time soothing appearance.

Then colors also have an optical effect. It simply boils down to this: soft pastels and light (uni) colors quickly make a room bigger, while dark tufted rugs make a room smaller. All 'facts' that can be taken into account when choosing a particular color rug yarn.

Combine creatively

Choosing one color of a tufted rug is therefore not done 1, 2, 3. Sometimes a neutral, unobtrusive base is desirable; sometimes tufted rugs are the best way to bring color to an otherwise fairly neutral interior. Combining colors goes one step further. Very nice combinations of lime and indigo or truffle brown with ice blue, for example, but you have to dare! A little less guts is needed to combine different color shades from the same range, for example yellow ocher and terracotta; so-called ton-sur-ton colors. Especially in small rooms, the subtle variation of light gray and warm gray can already have a very spatial effect.
But whatever it turns out to be: rugs bring color and freshness to your interior. So do!

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