Tufting Gun Cut and Loop Pile ZQ-II

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Please note: this is a June pre-order. This means if you place an order now we expect to ship it then. 

ZQ-II Tufting gun  is a cut and loop tufting gun. Cut pile involves the gun cutting the yarn as it is pushed through the cloth so that it has a longer, more textured finish. Loop pile carpet is not cut between stitched and typically has a more condensed/ flat appearance. 

In this gun you will find both so you won't need to choose between a cut and loop pile tufting gun that will suit your expected course of action.

The newest model comes with a built in speed regulator and a special loop needle to make more defined lines.

The machine is just like all tufting guns very easy to use but requires some understanding of the gun to change pileheights and function. 

Specifics of the ZQ-II Tufting gun cut and loop:

  • Loop Pile Height range: 6-12mm
  • Cut Pile Height range: 9-18mm
  • Please note that this machine is noticably heavier than the other tufting guns

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