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Comparing Tufting Machines: AK-I, AK-II, AK-Duo, AK-V, and ZQ-II

Comparing Electric Tufting Machines: AK-I, AK-II, AK-Duo, AK-V, and ZQ-II

At, we offer a variety of electric tufting machines designed to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professionals. In this blog post, we'll compare five of our top models: the AK-I, AK-II, AK-Duo (also known as the AK Pro), AK-V, and ZQ-II. Each machine has unique features and advantages, making it suitable for different types of projects and user requirements.

AK-I: Reliable and Versatile

The AK-I is a widely-used cut pile machine known for its durability and low maintenance. It can also produce loop piles by deactivating the scissor mechanism, offering flexibility for various design needs. This makes it an excellent choice for users seeking a dependable, low-maintenance option that delivers consistent results.

AK-II: Loop Pile Specialist

For those focused on creating loop pile carpets, the AK-II is the machine of choice. It is designed exclusively for loop piles, producing super tight loops that are incomparable with those made by a deactivated scissor mechanism on other machines. With its minimal upkeep, the AK-II ensures high-quality and uniform loops, making it perfect for precision work.

AK-Duo (AK PRO): Dual Functionality

The AK-Duo, also known as the AK Pro, is a newer model offering the flexibility of both cut and loop piles. This series includes the standard AK-Duo, AK-Duo High 4, and AK-Duo High 3, with the High models specializing in high pile work only. Although the AK-Duo requires slightly more maintenance and effort to switch functions, its dual functionality makes it a valuable tool for creating intricate and varied carpet designs. However, being relatively new, it is less proven technology compared to other models, and for people who like to switch between cut and loop often, we would still recommend using two machines. One for cut and one for loop.

AK-V: Modern and Quiet

The AK-V is the latest iteration in the AK series, featuring significant advancements over its predecessors. Comparable to the AK-I in many ways, the AK-V stands out with its brushless motor, which reduces noise levels by 60%. Additionally, it boasts an improved casing with a speed display and precision light, enhancing user control and accuracy. These upgrades make the AK-V a compelling option for those seeking a modern, quiet, and efficient tufting machine.

ZQ-II: Heavy-Duty Performer

The ZQ-II is designed for heavy-duty applications, making it ideal for creating thick, robust rugs. Equipped with a powerful motor, this machine can handle very thick materials with ease. However, its increased weight and complexity in changing style and pile height make it less suitable for beginners and not necessary for regular tufting jobs. The ZQ-II is best suited for experienced users who need a machine capable of handling demanding projects.

Comparison Table

Model Type Pile Options Maintenance Noise Level Special Features
AK-I Cut Pile Cut, Loop Low Moderate Versatile, reliable
AK-II Loop Pile Loop Low Moderate Super tight loops
AK-Duo (AK Pro) Cut/Loop Cut, Loop Moderate Moderate Dual functionality, new tech
AK-Duo High 4 Cut/Loop High Pile Only Moderate Moderate High pile focus
AK-Duo High 3 Cut/Loop High Pile Only Moderate Moderate High pile focus
AK-V Cut Pile Cut, Loop Low Low Quiet, modern features
ZQ-II Heavy-Duty Thick Rugs High High Powerful motor, heavy-duty tasks

By understanding the unique strengths and limitations of each model, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your project goals and operational preferences. Whether you prioritize versatility, low maintenance, modern features, or heavy-duty capabilities, has the right tufting machine for you.

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