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Tufting gun comparison table

Choose the Best Tufting Gun with Tuftingshop

At Tuftingshop, we offer the newest and highest quality tufting guns on the market. Our comprehensive comparison provides a quick overview of popular tufting guns, detailing their cut/loop capabilities, pile height range, weight, and recommended experience level.

Choosing the Right Tufting Gun for You

We recommend the AK-I for beginners due to its simple design and a pile height range of 7-18mm. It can also be set to loop by deactivating the scissor mechanism, adding versatility. The AK-II is perfect for those focused on loop pile carpets, as it creates super tight loops that are incomparable to those produced by deactivating the scissor mechanism on other models. The AK-II is known for producing the most beautiful loops.

The AK Duo, also known as the AK Pro, offers versatility with both cut and loop capabilities. However, it's a relatively new model with less proven technology and requires a bit more maintenance. The AK Duo High 4 and AK Duo High 3 models specialize in high piles (3cm and 4cm) and are not adjustable.

The AK-V is a modern, quiet machine similar to the AK-I but with advanced features like a brushless motor that reduces noise by 60% and a speed display with precision light. It can also be set to loop by deactivating the scissor mechanism. For those needing a stronger motor for very thick rugs, the ZQ-II is ideal, though it's not recommended for beginners or regular tufting jobs due to its weight and complexity.

Trust in Tuftingshop for High-Quality Tufting Tools

Consider your experience level and desired pile height range when selecting a tufting gun. Trust in Tuftingshop to provide the highest quality tools for your fiber art projects.

Comparing Tufting Guns

Tufting Gun Type Pile Options Pile Height Weight Experience Level Special Features
AK-I Cut Pile Cut, Loop 7-18mm Light Easy Can be set to loop
AK-II Loop Pile Loop 4-14mm Light Easy Creates the most beautiful loops
AK Duo (AK Pro) Cut/Loop Cut, Loop 5-18mm Light Medium-Hard Versatile, newer technology
AK Duo High 4 Cut/Loop High Pile Only 4cm Light Medium-Hard High pile focus, not adjustable
AK Duo High 3 Cut/Loop High Pile Only 3cm Light Medium-Hard High pile focus, not adjustable
AK-V Cut Pile Cut, Loop 7-18mm Light Easy Quiet, modern features, can be set to loop
ZQ-II Heavy-Duty Thick Rugs 9-18mm Heavy Medium, not recommended for beginners Powerful motor, heavy-duty tasks

Safety & Quality

Our tufting guns are 100% safety and quality certified.

2 year warranty

We offer a 2 year warranty on our tufting guns*

Knowledgeable Staff

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