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KRD I factory settings

This page will guide you back to the factory settings of the KRD I. 

The distance between the hexagon nuts of the lower arm is about 18 mm.


The distance between the hexagon nuts of the upper arm is about 37 mm.


The distance between the scissor opener and the back of the rod is about 12 mm

KRDI cut and loop
The position of the scissor closer is like this, with the hole being appr 3 mm:
Therelative position of the foot and the spring with the needle and scissor in the abovementioned position, and with the scissor rotated to the highest position should be like this:
the foot is at the same level as the outer point of the needle
the end of the spring you will find at about 8mm (if you use wool, apply around 6-7mm)
the outer point of the scissor at about 30 mm

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