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Manual for the ZQ-II tufting gun

ZQ-II the parts of your machine

ZQ II manual

Brief introduction

The ZQ-II Hand Tufting Gun is a portable electric tufting gun. It is a high speed tufting gun and can tuft various patterns in either moving or fixed working conditions.

This machine model is now the only one of its kind, characterized by simple manipulation, easy handling, excellent durability, few malfunctions and convenient adjustment and maintenance.

The machine has become a kind of advanced equipment indispensable to the modernization of carpet production and has led to a technical breakthrough for the traditional hand-knitted craftwork in domestic carpet industry.

 Tuft Love has a really great and complete set of videos to guide you in getting to know your ZQII

Link to youtube playlist



The scope of application

This tufting gun can be fit for tufting various kinds of carpets with different specifications. It can be adapt to wool carpet, acrylic carpet and art tapestry of latex backing and weave tufting pattern.

The construction of the machine

The ZQ-II hand tufting gun consists of four major parts which are the motor, the component of gearing down, the tufting component of gun head and the cover.

Please see the second half of this manual for the construction of the machine, the detailed drawing and the parts’ name.

Usage and debugging

Running Check of the Hand Tufting Gun

Always do a manual running check before turning on the machine. You do this by manualy turning the arms a few rounds to see if it can run without obstacles. 

To do this you need to press the trigger with the gun unplugged. The trigger lifts the lock on the mechanism, without doing this the arms will not be able to full twist.

If there are no obstacles, stranges sounds etc. You are good to go. 


Functional Mode Debugging of the Hand Tufting Gun

In order to make the tufting gun in the best working order and tuft high quality pile surface, please adjust the state in advance as follows:

(1) Adjust the line of symmetry of the right cam wheel (Part No.19) to make the included angle of it and the tilting block become 45°. 

(2) Twist the left cam wheel to make the axes of the end arm bearing(Part No.8) and the axes of the gun body in parallel .

(3) Tweak the end arm bearing to make flex adjustment and make the distance between the eye of the needle and the foot shorter than 5mm. Just like the photo below.

Inspection of Open-and-close State of the Scissors

Check the open and close state of the scissors by (while plugged out) manually turning the arms to the higest position, the scissors must be closed. 

When turning the arms in the oppostite position, the scissors must be open. 

If you look closely you see that there is a bar adjusted to the foot, that causes the scissor to open at the right moment. 


ZQ II scissors

ZQII scissors

Adjustment of the Pile Height

As for changing the pile height, firstly, please loosen the trip bolt of the canvas spring (refer to picture 4);

secondly, tap the canvas spring to protract the relative position of the scissors  to make the pile height longer ;

thirdly, tighten the trip bolt;

lastly, adjust again as the means of the above procedures of 2(1)-2(3).



The Requirement of the Edges of the Scissors and the Steel Needle

When the best functional mode of the hand tufting gun has been adjusted, but the needle and the scissor don’t reach the requirement, it can still will happen that the yarns break, fuzz and are oust-of-flatness. Therefore, the requirements of the needle and the scissors are strict.

(1)Be sure to sharpen the edges of the scissors in advance and keep them sharp-edged constantly . Control the crossing angle of the cutting edges of the scissors to be 25°-30°. It is the best that the scissors edge clearance angle is about 45°( refer to picture 5).

 (2)Close the scissor . When 2 blades of the scissors are superimposed, the cusps should be appressed, the light leakage can be seen in the middle parts of the scissor blades to make sure the cusp is powful. If possible, polish the outside surface of the scissor, besides the edges of it, with feltless polishing bob in favor of tufting level pile surface.

(3)Please inspect the steel needle before working and polish it with fine oil stone. At the same time, grind the hole of the steel needle for the suitable pore diameter according to the thickness of yarn which is subject to feed yarn glidingly.


  1. Keep the work place clean to make sure the carpet is clean and not blemished after being tufted.
  2. Ensure the tufting gun not to be flinged or smashed and sharpen the needle and scissors in time to keep them sharp.
  3. Pay attention to the tightness of the moving parts and adjust them in time to ensure good running.
  4. Be sure to put oil to the positions of friction of motion of the tufting gun and rub-up the oil stain of the gun body before every work shift.
  5. It is noted that the cable may not be damaged



    Parts of ZQII tufing gun

    Maintenance and lubrication

    Please oil the moving parts of the machine to limit the frictional resitance.

    Safety & Quality

    Our tufting guns are 100% safety and quality certified.

    2 year warranty

    We offer a 2 year warranty on our tufting guns*

    Knowledgeable Staff

    Our Knowledgeable Staff is happy to support you in your tufting adventures.