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Product questions

Where is my package ?
As soon as your package is shipped you wi recieve a track and trace code.

Exception: sometimes small items are shipped by regular post mail. They do not have a track and trace. You will however see when the package is processed whe  you click follow my order.

Exception: Shipping to some locations have aternative shipping methods because are local post systems do not ship there. The tracking information can then be provided by email.

How long will shipping take to...?
The shipping duration depends on the carrier. Please consult the carrier website (dpd for most cases) for the estinated shipping duration, from the moment the package has left our warehouse.  We usually need 1-2 business days to fulfill the order.

Ordering from outside the EU?

Unfortunately we can not control the speed of the customs processes. We have noticed that in countries, especially in the middle east, sometimes the customs proces take longer. Maximum 3 weeks.

Technical support

Why is my machine not cutting?
This usually happens after some adjustments in the settings (changing pileheight, replacing the scissors or switching from cut to loop).  To fix this, please observere the problem closely:
Is the scissor still intact?
No? Replace the scissor
Is the scissor still  opening?
No? Please check the scissor opener, see manual page
Is the scissor still closing?
No? Please check the scissor closer, see manual page.

How do I adjust the pileheight?
Please consult the manual of your machine

What maintenance does my machine need?
Please consult the manual.

Help! This piece broke
Some replacement parts are included in the box. Need anything else? Please email us

My machine wont turn on

Tufting general questions

What do I need?

What machine is the best?

What cloth do I use?

Why is my cloth ripping?
90% of the time this means you are not pressing you machine hard enough into the cloth.
Make sure the cloth is tight
Use proper tufting cloth
Move your machine foreward, not backward.

My yarn falls out of the machine
This is the number one frustration of the tufter. A slightest tention will cause your yarn to fly out of the machine. Yarn feeding is super important. Be sure to check the wiki for some tips.

My yarn falls out of the cloth
This will happen with thin yarn, try using multiple threads at the same time.

When will ,,, be back in stock?
All items on our website will come back in stock. Sometimes unforeseen peaks in sales, will cause the items to sell out quicker than expected. Be sure to hit the notify me button and you will recieve an update.

Safety & Quality

Our tufting guns are 100% safety and quality certified.

2 year warranty

We offer a 2 year warranty on our tufting guns*

Knowledgeable Staff

Our Knowledgeable Staff is happy to support you in your tufting adventures.