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AK I Guide to Adjusting Pile Height for Optimal Carpet Weaving

Adjusting Pile Height for Optimal Performance

The pile height in your machine can greatly affect your output. This guide outlines a simple and efficient method to adjust the pile height with minimal changes to your machine. But remember, always unplug your machine before making any adjustments to avoid accidents.

The Concept of Pile Height Adjustment

Consider the distance between the closing point of the scissors and the canvas spring. This length is the same as the pile. The distance from that same canvas spring to the needle's eye should be an additional 2mm. Whenever you're adjusting the pile height, it's crucial to maintain these relative distances.

Step 1: Adjusting the Canvas Spring

The first step in adjusting the pile height is to modify the distance between the canvas spring and the scissors' closing point. Unscrew the bottom, adjust the relative distance based on the desired pile height, and tighten the screw back.

Step 2: Changing the Distance to the Needle's Eye

The second step involves setting an appropriate distance between the needle's eye and the canvas spring, plus an additional 2mm. To do this, adjust the length of the bottom arm that holds the canvas spring and scissors in the bottom sliding part. Release the arm by removing the front bolt, adjust the arm's length, and then reposition it.

Step 3: Checking and Adjusting Scissors Position

After making these adjustments, the scissors' position will have changed. Depending on whether you've shortened or lengthened the pile height, check whether the scissors' opening and closing mechanism is functioning correctly.

Perform a running check. If you bring the scissors all the way to the front, they should close at the final point. If they don't, adjust the position of the scissor closer. Similarly, if the scissors don't open when moved to the back, adjust the scissor opener's position until they do.

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