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Artist post: ŠVÊĘRÅRË


Artist, Designer, Rugmaker

Currently based in El Paso, Texas

I got interested in rug making sometime in in spring 2017 because I worked a one day gig at a luxury rug gallery to make some extra money while I was in college for fashion design.

I already had lots of designs because I study extensively in textile design and had knowledge of yarn because I also studied knitwear design. However I did not discover tufting until spring of 2019.

My rug designs are always evolving. Previously I did more geometric style designs that were inspired by Neo-Andean architecture but more recently my style has included more graphic Ed Hardy -Ish style designs of tigers and snakes.  I try to depict them in motion/action as is they were roaring.

In the future I want to blend the 2 styles with geometry designs composed in the background and animals in action in the foreground.

Rug made by ŠVÊĘRÅRË
My favorite pieces that I’ve made so far is the rug depicting a albino tiger and snake intertwined with one another and abstract geometric rug of which I freestyled the design as I made it.

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