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Artist post: DEPEH


Graffiti artist, textile artist, freelance designer 

From Miami Dade County 

Currently based in Valencia, Spain 

Where do I start. I first got introduced into the world of rugs on a special trip to India around 2014. I noticed that many households  used rugs or pillows instead of chairs, and that really stuck with me ever since. After that trip I contacted rug makers in India to do a commissioned rug of one of my designs. Once I received the quote of over 800 bucks for one I figured that I should look into making them myself! This was around 2017ish so much of my info came from watching obscure videos of warehouse workers in Asia making these beautiful rugs with tufting guns. Once I had discovered the name of the tool (tufting gun) I instantly bought one and haven’t looked back since. 

My work is based on many things, mainly graffiti; specifically the characters. I always love researching vintage characters and comics (a common theme of graffiti characters) and try to incorporate them in my work. I usually like my work to look fun and whimsical but thats not always the case as I try to push and change my style constantly. I’d hate to be stagnant and produce the same kind of work all the time. At the moment, the rugs I’ve been making are very colorful and vibrant. I enjoy color theory and that’s probably the one thing I got out of college that I use on a day to day basis. 

If I have any advice for new comers I’d say try not to make what looks cool or what’s trendy but try to tap into something you really enjoy personally, it’ll bring much more joy to you the artist and your audience as well! Also, this craft requires much patience like most art, so take your time and be prepared to screw up a few times, it’ll be okay! It’s all part of the learning process :) Have fun with it, if not what’s the point? :p
Instagram: @depeh
Twitter: @depeh8

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