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Things to consider when designing a rug

Althoug rugmaking offer you tons of possibilities to design your dreams there are a few aspects that are good to consider before you start making your designs.

Color availability

You are often limited to a selection of colors. Althoug any color can be tailor made, this is not always everyones price range. It can be fun to start off with a color combination and design from this perspective. Some color combinations work surprisingly well and it doesn't always matter that a part of your design does not match the color that that specific item has in real life. 

Level of detail

Although you can make pretty detailed designs, you are limited by your level of patience, level of skill and the sice of the yarn. Keep in mind that yarn ends tend to moves a bit around so your design will not stay in place 100%, especially in case of floorpieces. Your choice of fiber can also affect this. Wool tends to keep its original shape more than other fibers. 



Straight lines

Rugs are fuzzy and fluffy. Its therefore imperative that lines will not be or stay 100% straight. Curves and abstract shapes often work really well. You can make straight lines, but not a tight as you would have on a painting.  


Whether you design a wallpiece or a floor piece determines how you look at the finished product. Detailed designs often look better on a wall then on a floor. 

Another tip: make sure you strecht your cloth evenly with the use of the lines. Make sure they stay straight. This way your design is more likely to keep its intended shape when you take it of your frame. 


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