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Why tufted rugs are the new christmas sweaters

I’m sure the question of what choice of rugs to get for Christmas is perplexing to say the very least. A rather very confusing place to navigate, the rug market, filled with all kinds of specialist language can pose a problem for the average buyer to decipher without the correct knowledge. Often faced with decisions regarding choice of colors, woven or tufted and then what it’ll have to endure, very few people really understand what they want or are willing to pay for. In this article, we will discuss about your favorite hand tufted rug, how they’re made as well as what makes them so special, so that our esteemed customers can find the right rug for a unique and personal touch, this Christmas and beyond; be it rugs for kitchens, holiday rugs for living rooms, stairways just to add but a little extra holiday flare.

What is a Tufted Rug?

This kind of rug is made using wool, acrylic, polyester, viscos, etc and a special kind of tool; the tufting gun, which effectively inserts fibre against a fabric background and sealed with latex glue which keeps the backing in place before other finishing as required are made which may include the insertion of heavy-duty fabric as well as several other stages of hand finishing producing modern exquisite and affordable contemporary or traditional designs in a less labour intensive manner.

Why Should You go For a Tufted Rug?

  • A unique piece, providing true value for your money: Produced through a combination of both contemporary and age-old artisanal technique, its chic and beautifully laced texture and ornately patterned boarders adds a rich and timely elegance to any living space
  • Fascinating designs, shapes and sizes: There are no limitations on what shapes, designs or size of rug to be made. All you need to do is determine your taste and see how it fits in your budget, and snap! There you are…
  • An array of charming and totally captivating colours to choose from: You can maximize your homes functionality by implementing your very own decorating styles, engraving your feelings into the very aesthetics of your home

Shopping for Christmas?

A carefully selected rug can add colour and ardour to your home in almost unimaginable ways. Whether you’re layering up some already carpeted space or simply want to add colour to your seamlessly polished wooden floor, you can count on tufted rugs for the following reasons:

  • Natural wool is known to offer some warmth in the cold months and doesn’t feel stuffy once the weather improves, thus, making it an ideal choice this festive period – You won’t have to worry about your cold playing on the cold floor
  • Captivating and striking designs complementary of the season, adding an aura of fun and an upbeat atmosphere
  • Different shapes, sizes and colours to suit different budgets and makes for an outstanding Christmas decor
  • Easily cleaned, cushioned non-slip texture, excellent for kitchens and baths
  • Unique thick feel underfoot so you and your family can have a wonderful and practical


As Christmas approaches, you would want to add some extra holiday touch in keeping with the spirit of the celebration. This article is meant to introduce you to tufted rugs and how they can, among other things help to brighten up and set the mood around the house. Now, you’re well on your way to finding just the right rug for the perfect fit.

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