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Tufting Ideas: Things to Tuft Other Than Rugs

In this article, we will look at different tufting ideas, and how this magnificent versatile look can fit into your lifestyle. Care to share what your first piece of tufted furniture will be? A tufted rug? Hey… that is a great idea.

A centre spread/mat has an amazing ring to it, but the possibilities for things you can tuft are limitless, and as strange as it may sound, there are loads of cosy stuff you can do, and just play around with tufts in such ways as to bring out the desired look.

So, let’s get right into it and look at other tufting ideas other than rugs.

  • Tufted cushions are quite as timeless as they’re comfortable and always provide that distinctive look to complement a range of interior styles.
  • Tufted sofas; If you’re looking for something that can completely transform your living space, and change the ambience in the room in such a way that it does not interfere with the furniture functionality, then you should try out a sleek vintage sofa, outfitted with gorgeous tufted upholstery in a vibrant dashing colour. This way, you can add an aura of calm and a distinguished dashing look to your home
  • Tufted Chair: Tufted chairs add a certain vintage appeal to a living space. In terms of comfortability, a tufted chair offers just as much comfort while completing the rooms décor at the same time
  • Another way tufting can be put to a brilliant use is in tufted beds. Ever fancy lying on a bed where the entire frame is covered in tufted upholstery with a glamorous and sophisticated look? Damn right! The nice puffy pattern, and lovely texture is almost irresistible and leaves the room sumptuous and elegant.
  • Ever come across a tufted cabinet? Yeah, you heard right. Tufting isn’t only reserved for chairs and sofas, as it turns out, they’re not the only piece of furniture that can be upholstered. As unusual as a cabinet door, covered in tufted fabric can seem, it can be fun and really intriguing
  • Tufted bucket hat. Yeah, that’s right. Earlier in this post, I told you that the things you can do with tufts are just about limitless. This tufted bucket hat, with its unique swirls of tufts and fabric design may just be right pic for that holiday getaway
  • Ever wondered how you can improve the feel of your home by making a tranquil place for your flower friends? Well, what you need is a tufted flower vase. Soft as wool, and perfect for your flowers. They’re little enough to fit in to as little space as possible while still making their impacts felt.
  • Tufted bench: Adorn your interior with an array of stylish living room tufted benches and create that classic look you always wanted 
  • Yet another amazing tufting idea you really want to try is the tufted face pillow. You can make whatever designs you like, but personally, I like the funky face design, it makes for an inspiring sleep

Well there you have it. Although the list could go on and on, the possibilities are limitless, we simply hoped we could get you started with these, and hopefully, you may just find the right pick to give your home that vintage look and a distinctive luxury comfort you’ve always desired.


tufted pillow

Tufted pillow by _pose_pose


Tufted chair by selby_hi

Tufted coasters by vbrumwellart

All sorts of tufted shoes by


This tufted bag by cadilane_design


A tufted cat bed by


This tufted coat by kaiwen333 


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