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Maintenance on your tufting gun: Lubrication

Your tufting gun is subjected to continious movement when you are using it. This causes frictional resistance, resistance that arises as a result of friction with the subsurface. 

For your machine to run smoothly it is important to keep the frictional resisitance low. Only the slightest tension in these movements can cause the machine to become hot, even overheat, and eventually cause the motor to stop moving.  Compare it to exstensively rubbing on your skin, without oil the skin becomes hot and irritated. 

To prevent this, the main aspect of maintenance is lubrication.. Proper lubrication makes all the difference in preventing to much frictional resistance. Depending of how often you use your machine, you need to do this quite often. There is no such thing as too often so if you regularly use your machine, please apply oil before every weaving session. 

The parts of the machine that need lubrication are the parts if the machine that are subjected to frictional resistance, so the parts of the machine that move over other parts of the machine.  Please consult the online manual of your machine to find a guide on exactly where the oil needs to be applied. 

The recommended lubrication is any sewing machine oil. Sewing machine oil is a white mineral oil, meaning it is clear and has no smell. The oil has a light viscosity and will not collect on the machine's gears.

Despite the fact that correct lubrication is one of the most crucial aspects of a reliability programme for rotating equipment, lubrication is often perceived as a lowly job that doesn’t require much experience or skill.

Lubrication-related failures are probably the most preventable type of all failures of rotating machinery, yet it’s an area of industry that isn’t always allocated the appropriate level of attention.

Machine reliability relies on the right methods of lubrication, the right quantities and formulations of lubrication and the appropriate application procedures and intervals – and a vigilant machinery operator will be able to maximise the performance and the operating life of the equipment by adhering to a well-planned and appropriate maintenance programme.

Most people believe that lubrication is only important because it makes the parts ‘slippery’.  In reality, lubricants are substances which play a major role in bearing and machinery function and longevity by:

  • Reducing wear of moving parts
  • Reducing friction between rotating parts and stationery ones
  • Absorbing shock
  • Reducing operating temperatures
  • Minimising corrosion of metal surfaces
  • Keeping contaminants out of the system
  • Sealing and protecting components

The incorrect choice and application of lubricants is said to account for around 40% of all machine failures, and so lubrication procedures are a critical factor in maximizing your equipment’s reliability.

It is critical to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations and use the right type and quantities of lubricant with the appropriate frequency of application that is best suited to the machinery’s optimal functioning.


Of course you do not want to get oil on your artwork, so prevent the oil to touch the scissors and needle. 


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