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Are tufting guns loud?

Tufting guns are a commonly used tool in the process of making carpets and rugs, and they are known for the loud noises they make when in use.
Tufting guns work by using a needle to punch yarn or thread through a backing material, such as canvas or fabric, to create the pile or surface of the rug. The needle is moved up and down rapidly by a motor, and this movement, combined with the force of the needle punching through the backing material, produces a loud noise.
The noise of a tufting gun can be quite loud and can be a source of irritation for those working in the area. In fact, some people who work with tufting guns on a regular basis wear earplugs to protect their hearing from the constant noise.
An option is to use a tufting gun with a quieter motor, which can help to reduce the overall noise level. These are the AK machines, AK I,  II and DUO. The AK-II is the least noisy of all.
Despite the loud noise they make, tufting guns are an essential tool in the process of making carpets and rugs. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to create the intricate designs and patterns that make these items so popular. So while the noise of a tufting gun may be annoying at times, it is a small price to pay for the beautiful rugs and carpets that they help to create.

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