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5 essential differences between zq and td or ak tufting guns

Many people have a hard time deciding what tufting gun best feeds their needs. Besides the most obvious reason (Cut or loop tufting) there are several other essential differences in between the tufting guns.

1. Design

The first thing you notice is ofcourse the design. It can be stated that the ZQ guns have a better finish and less exposed wires and movable parts. This decreases the risk of accidents and in my opinion gives it a better look and feel.

2. Speed control

The TD or AK (blue) tufting guns have a speed control button at the bottom of the gun. This gun can be set extremely fast. It is therefore, when you gained some tufting experience, very efficient in tufting large areas of the same color.

The ZQ tufting gun has a different type of speed regulation, which is affected by how you move your gun over the tufting cloth. It can go fast, but not as fast as the other one.

None of the guns have a really slow funtion, but with a compatible speed regulator you can really slow down the ZQ-II, making it a lot easier to make detailed designs.

Ease of steering

There is a notable difference in the ease of steering the guns and therefore being able to make more detailed designs and special shapes. Although the guns have the same steering mechanism, the speed regulation of the ZQ makes it a LOT easier to follow the lines of your design. 

Weight and vibration

The ZQ guns are about twice the weight of the other guns. However, the vibration is lower with the ZQ and therefor the tufting "experience" is not perse more heavy on the hands. 


Both machines are noisy. I advice you to wear noiso canseling headphones or earplugs. The ZQ makes a little less noise though especially compared to high speed tufting with the TD or AK models.    



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